Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in this car.  The response has been overwhelming! 

I appreciate all the interest, but the car has been sold.  Like everything else with this car, the story of the sale is an amazing one as well.  I'll share details with everyone when I can. 

Over the past 5 years, this car has been involved in some amazing things.  I think it's safe to say that history won't stop once she's in the hands of her new owner...

FOR SALE: 1967 Impala 4-door HARDTOP sport sedan

If you've been searching for the perfect 1967 Impala Sport Sedan to buy and convert to a Supernatural replica car, I may have a solution for you...

For sale is the car show-quality, frame-on restored, 100% screen-accurate 1967 Impala that played the role of "Baby" in the Hillywood Show Supernatural parody in 2015 (currently at 15.5 million views and counting).

In addition to being a part of the Hillywood Supernatural parody, this car has been featured at numerous car shows, conventions and events, including:

  • Creation Supernatural Con Burbank (November 2014)
  • Creation Supernatural Con San Francisco (January 2015)
  • Wizard World Portland (January 2015)
  • Creation Supernatural Con Las Vegas (March 2015)
  • Hewlett Packard Supernatural Party (Private Corporate Event - Vancouver, Canada - May 2015)
  • Central Coast Comic Con (August 2015)
  • Long Beach Comic Con (September 2015)
  • Salt Lake City Comic Con (September 2015)
  • Creation Supernatural Con Pasadena (October 2015)
  • Salt Lake City Comic Con - FanX (March 2016)
  • Salt Lake City Comic Con (September 2016)
  • Salt Lake City Comic Con - FanX (March 2017)

Some quick facts about the car:

  • Purchased in April 2013, this car underwent a frame-on restoration that was largely completed by late 2013 (interior work and the "weapons trunk" build out continued through early 2014)
  • Completely rebuilt Chevy small-block "Turbo-Fire 327" engine (less than 1,000 miles put on the engine since rebuild)
  • Completely rebuilt 2-speed Powerglide transmission
  • Bumpers and bumper guards professionally re-chromed
  • All internal/external trim components professional cleaned and restored
  • Interior door panels and headliner custom made by CARS Inc. to match SEM 15093 Light Buckskin 
  • Completely rust free car (all rust spots completely removed and replaced with clean sheet-metal)
  • Brand new front and rear OEM glass (all other glass is original to the car)
  • Original window regulators restored by Don's Mobile Glass (Modesto, CA)
  • Screen accurate U.S. Wheel 26 Series Chrome Blade wheels and Cragar center caps
  • Screen accurate BF Goodrich Radial T/A all season tires
  • Screen accurate Audiovox Rampage AV2000 cassette deck (impossible to find)
  • Working bluetooth-enabled stereo custom-installed in glovebox (hidden installation to maintain screen accurate look of the car)
  • High-quality black custom paint job with clearcoat
  • High-torque/high heat-resistant after-market starter
  • Electric fuel pump
  • After-market exhaust tuned to sound like big-block "Hero" show car
  • Completely rebuilt rear end (new shocks and springs to accommodate weight of weapons trunk)
  • Completely rebuilt front end (new idler arm, center link, rear track bar, and all new bushings)
  • Original bench seats reupholstered to ensure screen accuracy in style and stitching
  • Complete weapons trunk with over $5,000 invested in difficult to find screen-matching props
  • Autographed glovebox lid (inside and out) and surrounding dash area; nearly 40 autographs were obtained in-person over the years during cons and events from the stars of Supernatural and the Hillywood Show (see pictures in the galleries below)

For full disclosure, these are the negative aspects of this car:

  • I kept the original drum brakes on this car since it was utilized as a show car versus a "daily driver".  I drive this car multiple times a week, but only on local city streets where drum brakes are fine.  If someone were to turn this car into a regular driver, disc brakes would be a safer choice.
  • I never tackled restoration of the ventilation system in this car.  Also, the heater core will need to be replaced to make the heater operational.  (I should have replaced this when the car was torn apart.  Heater cores are cheap, but to install one in this car, the passenger side fender needs to be removed.  The difficulty of installation is what kept me from eventually getting to this.)
  • This is not an AC car (although the car does have an AC dash to maintain screen-accuracy).  The heating system is rolling up the windows.  The cooling system is rolling down the windows.
  • Original horn was non-functional when I purchased the car.  I never got around to installing an after-market horn.

This car has been a revenue-generating draw at numerous comic cons and other events over the years.  The car is "con ready" and has a reputation on the con circuit.  This car has the ability to make money if someone was inclined to continue the tradition we started.  (As an FYI, I'm willing to throw in all of my con materials for the new owner, i.e., crowd control stanchions, display racks, etc., if there is interest in using this car for future cons.)

Since everyone is asking, I will just throw out there that I love this car and am having a hard time with the idea of parting with her.  I built this car with my Dad, and I did the con circuit for years with my kids.  I made great friends and had some of the best times of my life out on the road with this car.  But, it's time to downsize and move on to other things.  Right now, she sits in the garage and gets driven for Starbucks runs when the weather is nice (2 miles round trip).  There is likely a Supernatural super-fan out there who has the time and the energy to really take advantage of this car's potential.  We've had our fun.  It's time to give someone else a turn.




email:  eric@taxcontracting.com

text:  (925) 683-3164


Due to the number of inquires I've already received about the sale of this vehicle, I would prefer if initial questions are sent via email or text so that I can get to them as time allows.  I'm happy to have a discussion by phone (or meet in person), but only with potential buyers who have a serious interest in this car.

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